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About Charlotte


Connection Coach

Registered Nurse

Energy Practitioner

Lymphatic Support

Registered Nurse

Charlotte qualified as a Registered Nurse in the UK in 1991 at the Queen Elizabeth College of Nursing. She specialised in the area of Intensive Care both for Cardiac & Trauma patients for several years before her love of teaching took her to work for Proctor & Gamble, UK. Charlotte was responsible for the education & training of all community nurses, and the promotion and sales of the company's medical products. In 2000, Charlotte & her husband moved to Calgary, Canada with their 2 children and Charlotte threw herself into community nursing once again, teaching, coaching and guiding her clients through the hardest transitions of their life.

 Charlotte prides herself on her excellent communication skills & ability to build relationships with a wide variety of clients; quickly gaining their trust & supporting them to find balance and growth during a variety of challenges in their personal lives.

Connection Coaching

Charlotte fell in love with Coaching even before she realised she was doing it. I have always felt a passion to empower people to take control of their own lives and, with guidance, to become aware of and challenge fears and other limiting behaviours that hold them back from their dreams and goals. "I knew this was the missing piece of healthcare I so desperately wanted for myself and all of my clients whatever their issues". Charlotte studied other modalities to complement her medical acumen including EnergyWork, Meditation, Grounding, BreathWork and Lymphatic Support, and currently incorporates all elements of these systems into her clients' healing journeys.

Charlotte's passion is coaching entrepreneurs through her LIVE  transformational courses,

The Core Connection Courses

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