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What is the Core Connection Course?

A process of uniting heart-generated feelings with thoughts to create a state of mind and functioning on a deeper, more creative level.


How is this achieved?

By immersing yourself in these hourly group sessions for 6 weeks, you will learn and practice the tools to help uncover limiting beliefs, learnt as a child, that prevent you from achieving your goals and dreams. This happens by experiencing a new state of mind that enables you to rewrite the neural pathways within the brain. This allows you to change patterns of behaviour that no longer serve you. In addition, you will receive a 60 minute LIVE one-on-one coaching session with me in order to address specific challenges and issues you are struggling with.


What is a limiting belief?

Limiting beliefs are subconscious filters that act like a lens through which we all view the world. As children, influenced by our parents, teachers, religious leaders, we learn what to believe about ourselves and the world we live in. Many of us are taught to believe that we are not enough; not clever enough, athletic enough, rich enough, healthy enough, hard-working enough, lucky enough. These limiting beliefs can prevent us from achieving our goals by sabotaging our efforts to either dream big enough or to actually reach our goals.


How will this course impact my life?

By careful and thoughtful guidance through numerous hands-on experiential learning techniques, you will learn how to identify limiting beliefs and the tools needed to remove them. You can apply this to any aspect of your life, whether that be your business, employees, your financial situation, career, health, social life, relationship, job etc. in order to change your situation in whatever way you desire to.


Is the Core Connection Course the same as Positive Thinking?

When we make a conscious effort to change an aspect of our lives, we can self-sabotage those efforts when the negative programming from childhood surfaces and takes over. We need more than simply positive thinking techniques to change our reality in order to identify blocks and to remove them. It is imperative that we target our subconscious belief systems that have obliterated all potential possibilities leaving us with the one we are currently experiencing - our reality.


Does the Core Connection Course recognise the Law of Attraction?

Simply, yes. One of the most important aspects to changing what has been manifested in our lives is the feelings of gratitude and thankfulness. These elevated vibrational emotions stimulate the Law of Attraction to act to illuminate positive outcomes for us. 

What we resist, persists. Where we place our attention is where we place our energy.


How will I be able to do things differently after taking the Core Connection Course?

You will have an array of tools at your disposal for any and every situation that you face. You will be able to utilise those tools instantaneously and productively. From sitting in a meeting with your boss who asks you to come up with a new idea on the spot, to repairing or strengthening a relationship with a loved one, to manifesting bigger and bolder than you ever have before, to finding the root cause and healing for physical and mental health concerns. The list of benefits is endless and really only as long as your creativity allows you to go.

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