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Sick & Tired of PAIN?

I think what upsets me the most working in Western Medicine are the numbers of people with chronic pain; people who have lived for years with the same life-debilitating pain. Day after day I sit before people who tel me they have back pain, knee pain, neck pain, hip pain, wrist pain and that they have had it, not for weeks or months, but for YEARS! How does this happen in today's society? How is it that Modern Medicine cannot fix this? I see people who are taking regualr pain-killers throughout the day and, still, they cannot function as they would like to. They sit for long periods or lie down to get relief. Some isolate themselves and feel reluctant to meet up with friends for coffee or join in with the latest social event. Many cannot face getting out of bed in the morning and cannot function at work. We are taught to ignore our pain, to just "live with it". Instead we should be listening to our bodies' cry for help, listening to what our bodies are telling us & discovering what the root cause of the pain is. I know BodyTalk can do's what Kathy had to say...

I lived with chronic back pain for over 10 years following a fall. I had tried every pain medication I was offered but nothing seemed to take my pain away to the point I could get on with my life. Then I discovered BodyTalk and I was skeptical but I thought "What the heck? I have nothing to lose" The BodyTalk Practitioner asked me questions that didn't seem related to my pain at first, but after only a few sessions I noticed a huge difference in how I felt. The pain began to ease and I was able to start doing things I enjoyed...I even started playing tennis again! And I felt lighter and more comfortable in my body with a sense of renewed energy...thanks BodyTalk!"

We don't have to live with symptoms; BodyTalk can find the root cause of your pain and begin your new journey.

For more info contact Charlotte at SynergieHealth

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