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Are your beliefs holding you back?

Our experiences of the world we live in form our beliefs about life and, therefore, about ourselves. It is normal to have beliefs - such as grass is green, the sky is blue, tomorrow comes after today, rain is wet etc. These beliefs are observations about life and we do not feel any desire to challenge them because they don't really have any real significant effect on us. But, some of our beliefs are rigid opinions - "I am a tidy person", "I am in control", "My time is important", "I am a caring friend". These rigid beliefs are our identity; how we relate to the world. And we hang onto our beliefs for dear life; they are who we are after all...right?

If my beliefs are threatened or contradicted then it is my identity that is in question. This actually happened to me this week at work...I believe I am a hard-working person; I put 100% effort into my work and I achieve a substantial amount each day. An observer, who didn't really understand the team structure commented that a colleague of mine works harder than anyone else and in particular, me. My hackles rose immediately, I felt defensive, I felt angry and hurt that my work was being challenged. My identity was being challenged. I am, I discovered very attached to my belief that I am a hard-worker; it defines me. So do I explode and defend myself, lash out at my colleague and the observer and everyone around me? Or do I implode, push my emotions down, hidden away where they will, at some point in the future, emerge as a physical, mental or emotional disease...depression, breast cancer, prostate cancer, migraine headaches, immune system disorders, stomach ulcers...

I need to let go of this belief, I need to embrace life and not resist life...go with the flow. As long as I cling desperately to my rigid beliefs, life will be a struggle. If I continue to believe that life, situations and other people are the reason I feel bad, then I will easily feel like a victim, that someone else has power over my emotions.

The power of "positive thinking" is very popular these days and does have great benefits when beginning a journey to improve your self-esteem. But real transformation cannot take place until rigid beliefs are challenged to become more flexible (not rigid). BodyTalk can help you delve into the cause of your defensiveness and, by using BodyTalk techniques (as performed by a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner) will enable you to become vulnerable and allow yourself to let go of the cause of your distress.

I have just completed one of the Advanced BodyTalk courses related to our beliefs and principles of consciousness. I am excited to share these advanced techniques with you as you continue your journey of discovering the root cause of distress, pain and disease. Please contact me for further info and to book your next BodyTalk session.

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