If You Live The Life You Dream Of...

Tony Robbins once said,

" The only thing that's keeping you from getting what you want is the story you keep telling yourself."

What you tell yourself, what you think, what you believe is how the world around you presents itself to you. Your beliefs were established in childhood based on your experiences with the world; some of these were supportive (they protected you & enabled you to grow as a person). But some of these beliefs were limiting; beliefs about yourself, beliefs about others & beliefs about the world you live in. And these beliefs live in our subconscious... they are the voices in our head that tell us we'd better not try as we might fail, or our friends will laugh at us, or we will lose money & security.

What if we could change those voices, change those limiting beliefs & live our truth, manifest what we really desire in life?

AgapeMind is a life-changing 2 day exploration into uncovering & connecting with your true self. You will learn the tools you need to change the patterns that create these barriers in your life.

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"Charlotte is so awesome, very personable and positive. I felt very comfortable with her.