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Let's PAUSE...

fermata - a musical term to indicate a pause of unspecified length

This musical sign is placed above a note in a musical score to indicate to the musician to hold that note for a period of time, usually twice as long as the original note length but it can actually be held for as long as the musician chooses. It acts like a pause; the music continues but offers a moment for the musician to command some control. To reset, process and prepare before continuing.

I think we all feel the need to command a little control in our lives at the moment during these often crazy times. How liberating it would feel to have a little bit of power in order to reset our lives and our emotions before we launch back into the ever-changing world in which we live.

I want to share with you how I use the tools I created in AgapeMind every day, many many times to assist my Body and Mind to take a pause, reset and prepare for the next challenge whether that is navigating a client and their family through dementia, swabbing residents for COVID in a congregate setting, assisting clients through

and BodyTalk energy healing sessions or supporting my children, navigating a challenging relationship, calming a migraine or realising my goals and dreams.

AgapeMind utilises the alpha state of mind in order to open up all areas of the brain - areas that are frequently used and areas we have forgotten all about since childhood. In this way, I have discovered a way of life that flows more freely, opening up possibilities I could only dream of before and helping me discover opportunities I could never have dreamt of.

Join me online for the next AgapeMind course, additional course added (3rd/4th) December plus January & February online courses.

Let's PAUSE together. Check out or email me at


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