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Water Off A Duck's Back

Non-Attachment is not Detachment. It does not mean being aloof, nor does it imply coldness or lack of feeling. On the contrary, non-attachment is feeling compassion for all parties, effortless love & kindness that, in turn, allows for healing to take place.

When we practice non-attachment, we continue to appreciate, love, admire & enjoy life. Simply put, our own happiness is no longer defined by that which is outside of us; we are free.

Being non-attached means not being affiliated with either side or point of view, being mutually acceptable to all parties, having no personal interest & approaching any issue with an open mind.

I was reminded of this concept today during a HelioSol session with a client. My client was so firmly attached to the outcome of a concern that they felt conflicted, overwhelmed & confused. This had created such anxiety & depression in their life that they felt unable to move forward or even get out of bed some mornings.

If we allow our sense of self to be emotionally influenced by everything that life throws at us, all people, places, perceptions, thoughts, sensations, events, experiences then we will be riding an emotional rollercoaster of ups & downs. We will define ourselves by the outside world rather than our true inner authentic self.

The HelioSol System is a practice of being in the moment with clients - unattached - but intuitively focused on the client; with intense curiosity & acceptance.

It’s like the oily coating on a duck’s feathers; it doesn’t stop the duck from swimming through the water, fully immersed in its senses of the environment around it, but it does allow the water to just run off without penetrating beneath. Water off a duck’s back.

HelioSol Practitioners rely on their own presence of awareness, to move the Ego aside & not insert “self” into the situation. In so doing, practitioners assist clients to connect with their inner natural healing frequencies in order to shift perspectives, re-establish connections with all aspects of the bodymind & release stresses held within.


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