What if we were fearful but did it anyway?

Fear is natural. Fear is important at times to keep us safe from our environment. But fear also holds us back; fear prevents us from moving forwards & growing as a whole person. Fear feels uncomfortable but it doesn't mean that in the presence of fear we should remain in that rut, stuck where we are. What if we took that leap? Or that small step towards our dream, our passion?

What if we were fearful but did it anyway?

I am a great procrastinator - I can think of a million reasons, & more probably, why I shouldn't do something. Take building my business, for example...when I discovered energy medicine I had been searching for many years for a healthcare system that uncovered & challenged the root cause of a person's issue & not, merely, symptom-management which I had been practising within Western Medicine. I felt the fire within me, the excitement that quickly grew into a desire to share with others. I truly believe & have witnessed & experienced for myself the power of our energy shifts within each of us leading to incredible personal growth on all levels, physical, psychological & spiritual.

But, believe you me, I can talk myself out of sharing everything that I've learned over the past 4 years by listening to the fear within me:

What if you fail?

You're going to sound crazy!

What will your colleagues at work think?

Stick to Western Medicine, it's financially more "secure"

Like I say, I could go on...& on...

Using the skills I have learned within AgapeMind & "practising what I preach