Heart & Mind Over Matter

It is the beliefs held in our mind that act as filters for collapsing all possibilities into the life that we experience.

These are beliefs we hold about the world around us, both positive and negative. We have created these beliefs depending on our experiences growing up. 

To change what we manifest in life, whether it's related to our physical health, or our mental state, our relationships, work, financial situation, environment, how much recreational time we have, or anything else – we need to learn how to consciously direct the process.

The process consists of using “heart and mind over matter.”

In this course you will learn:
•    The process to get into the alpha mind state - a state where changes

      to brain pathways is possible (neuroplasticity)
•    Step by step how to create an individual Retreat and how to use

      the tools within this space 
•    How the mental tools work using Instructor-led exercises
•    How to use the Retreat in daily life for personal growth and

•    How to use the Retreat when working therapeutically with a client

•    How the heart (Agape Love) influences our ability to access Universal      Consciousness (all knowledge)

There will be some required reading prior to the class. The material will be sent to you after registration for the class has closed.

There will be individual and group activities.
                 This course is open to everyone.