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Distance Healing Sessions During Social Isolation

Many of my clients have continued to experience the benefits of BodyTalk & HelioSol Sessions during this pandemic via Distance Healing Sessions.

We all still need support to maintain & build our immune resilience, to manage our stress & emotional responses to challenging daily upheavals & for some, to resolve the impact of the Corona virus. And during this time of isolation & alienation from friends & family, our immune system suffers immensely - our immune system responds with depletion & under-performance; we experience an increase in inflammation & reduced ability to fight infection.

In Mind-Body Medicine, we acknowledge the impact of our beliefs, attitudes, stresses & emotions on our physical health. As Practitioners we observe & focus on a client`s mind-body priorities when a client is in front of us on the treatment table. But we also have the ability to focus on intuitive information beyond time & space. It is the simple emotional & stress-releasing techniques done in person or remotely with equal effectiveness that boosts the body`s natural ability to heal.  The result is that we no longer feel threatened; we feel supported, relaxed, we sleep better & heal. And our immune systems are able to resume their role of resolving real threats.

Distance Healing is a logistically, practical form of healing & health-maintenance & is very much needed during this challenging time.  

Contact me for further information & to experience Distance Healing for yourself.


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