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Intro to AgapeMind via Zoom

Tuesday 19th May 7:00 - 8:30pm

Please join me for an Introduction to the AgapeMind course. This is a 90 minute session via Zoom where I will introduce you to the concepts of AgapeMind & provide   

you with information about the in-person 2 day course.

During this session, which is offered as a complimentary taste to the full course, you will learn about the heart's energy (agape love) & why it is important to connect with the universe to start shifting beliefs in order to accept all opportunities.

You will learn how to access the alpha mind state & will be guided through the process of activating different areas of your brain in order to manifest what you would like in your life. This truly is Heart & Mind over Matter.

Please email me so I can send you the invite to join us next Tuesday at 7pm


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